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5 day Ayurvedic therapy course

With today's emphasis on quality of service, Tri-Dosha understands the needs to healthcare facilitators to deliver the best possible care to clients while helping therapists feel enriched and supported by their work and crucially ensuring businesses turn a profit.

We believe Tri-Dosha not only provides a unique selling point in Ayurvedic inspired technologies, but also addresses an important gap in personal development for holistic facilitators today, taking a fresh approach to learning and practice.

Our training has been developed to support spas and their clients, giving them the opportunity to deliver a professional consultation at the beginning of treatment and also create an important place where they can share their insights for good health, raising morale and restoring a sense of purpose to their work, as well as the programme delivered to the client.

For further details, please download / view our professional ebrochure for spa | wellbeing venues.
Tri-Dosha Ayurvedic Massage and Therapies Trailer
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