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Ayurveda - The mantra of niramaya CD-ROM
£ 12.00
Get interactive and learn about the genesis of Ayurveda, the ancient system of Indian medicine, which dates back thousands of years. Produced by Invis Multimedia in association with the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala, it describes this 'science of life' in dramatic and exciting detail.

Ayurveda (panchakarma) DVD
£ 12.00
Come a step closer towards enlightenment with this discovery DVD on Panchakarma, a healthcare system that is dubbed India's gift to the world.

Ayurveda (panchakarma) picture book
£ 17.00
Often mistaken as just another system of oil massage, Panchakarma is in fact a holistic rejuvenation therapy that's proven to work. This beautifully designed book reveals just why it's so effective.

Sacred chants of shiva music
Out of stock
From the banks of the river Ganges

Tune in and listen to the transcendental Sanskrit chants for ultimate meditation and silence. A classic in India, it has sold millions of copies in just three years.

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