Sunita Passi
Ayurveda is really just common sense and going back to basics! At Tri-Dosha we’ve utilised years of research and clinical experience and applied it to simple formulations, creating original products that are really good for you and your families skin.
Our Ayurvedic therapist
Sunita is our very own Ayurvedic therapist and an expert in the field. She had her ‘eureka’ moment, coming up with the Tri-Dosha concept in 2005. Not only did she train in Ayurveda (ancient India holistic health system) with the best in India but continued to study in Ayurveda, meditation and holistic health, researching for over ten years.

Sunita’s knowledge, forward thinking and ability to create solutions for natural skincare and wellbeing through Ayurveda is pretty unique. This innovative approach has resulted in a fantastic range of luxury products based around naturopathic and holistic principles.

Sunita’s life passion and commitment to health and wellbeing through Ayurveda has led to Tri-Dosha becoming a one-of-a-kind company, helping people all over the country, as well as abroad.
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