Our journey
"Open your eyes to a new you" Sunita Passi.
Our story
The concept of Tri-Dosha came to Sunita Passi, Ayurvedic therapist, one wonderful day in India, 2002, whilst she was training and travelling in the South of the sub-continent. Originally from the UK, Sunita had spent the last few years working as a business writer for an international news agency, interviewing high level executives across the world. A holistic health lover through and through, she had experienced yoga of all forms in more than ten different countries as well being massaged in every technique available to her. But there was a deeper motivation. Aware that many of her peers suffered from stress, anxiety, tension and skin allergies, she took it upon herself to discover how she could conserve her own wellbeing as well as help others through Ayurveda.

Sunita first experienced the healing wisdom of Ayurveda at the age of seven upon visiting her grandfather's clinic in India. After being re-inspired many years later, she decided to re-train in the therapeutic aspects as well going on a personal spiritual journey through the clinics, wellbeing centres and ashrams in the country of her ancestral roots. Thereafter, as a qualified Ayurvedic therapist and lifestyle consultant, she started to formulate her own ethos of health and wellbeing, and over time her focus on individuality as well as the understanding of inner and outer beauty started to really take form. She relocated back to the UK, where she first completed her ITEC in complementary therapy. Since then she has gone on to train with experts in various alternative health modalities and skincare philosophies.

Tri-Dosha evolved from humble beginnings. It was 2005 when the first Tri-Dosha training programme was delivered, and held in a dilapidated venue in north London. But Sunita's expert teaching quickly gained word-of-mouth appeal and soon wellbeing lovers and five-star spas started knocking on Sunita's door. Sunita wanted the therapists she taught to deliver the very best therapeutic experience and also pass on holistic care with education. The training programme was therefore developed for students to also be able to facilitate in this way. Whilst the therapists in Sunita's care were enjoying the benefits of the treatments and their clients were getting healthier, she wanted to improve the system to allow even more people to benefit. The result was the development of the body oils range [now known as the Tri-Dosha Classic Collection] into luxury formulas that consumers could use at home, enabling Tri-Dosha to spread its influence. She also decided that it was important to make people aware of what was in their products, passing the power onto them to make informed decisions and choose natural formulas.

Sunita's love of education continues to propel her forward, searching for results in all spheres of wellbeing and natural and results driven skincare products. She is constantly re-training as her knowledge develops and she continues to introduce new techniques and products into the Tri-Dosha range. She has also become actively involved in teaching and sharing her knowledge, speaking at wellbeing events around the country, inspiring others around the world with information of this ancient, but newly interesting arena of health.

The name
Tri-Dosha was a name that came very naturally to Sunita. It is from Sanskrit (ancient language of India) and is made up of two words: Tri to mean three and Dosha to mean body type, of which there are three - vata, pitta, kapha. It therefore logically means 'balance' and epitomises our whole philosophy. For us a company, it was also important that Tri-Dosha was true to the roots of Ayurveda, a non-diluted version if you like, but also one that resonated with people today.

The practice
After moving to London in 2003, Sunita took some time to decide how she would best put her skills into practice. Her focus was on teaching, but she has also committed to a practice at her clinic in London. This allows her to stay close to hands on therapy, and it inspires her to continue to conceptualise and develop new treatments and products. The biggest compliment for her is when a client either tells her that their friends have commented on how good their skin looks, or that they have been feeling full of energy and vitality and have been inspired to introduce a new attitude to their lifestyle. Sunita's clients say her approach is both human and professional.

The rest as they say is history.
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