A celebration
Tri-Dosha is a celebration of wellbeing, natural beauty, education, stories, wisdom of the most universal health system, Ayurveda.
Our Ayurvedic heritage
Sunita's Grandfather and his Ayurveda clinic
With Tri-Dosha you can experience true Ayurvedic wisdom, as it's not just a high quality product, but totally authentic too. Sunita's Grandfather, Hazari Lal Passi, was an Ayurvedic doctor out in India, and had an Ayurvedic clinic in the Indian village of Subrah in the Punjab. A number of the Tri-Dosha product formulations have been developed from salvaged books found at Sunita's Grandfather's old Ayurveda clinic. Hazari Lal Passi, like us, believed in the importance of natural products. Through recipes found in his old pharmacology books, Tri-Dosha gives us years of the very best authentic Ayurvedic knowledge.

Sunita's Mum & Dad
The love of holistic health and Ayurveda has been passed down through Sunita's Mum & Dad who act as the gate keepers for the Tri-Dosha brand! All new treatments & products are assessed by them, and only till we have their approval, are they passed on to you.
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